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Annual Statements

Annual statements will be generated for all borrowers and made available for PPRDC to view online starting on or by January 31st.  The annual statement will be a separate document from the IRS Form 1098 and will include year-end loan balance, interest paid, and fees paid.  Annual statements are not sent to the borrowers by the CSA.  If you require a copy please contact Karen at the end of January at PPRDC.  719-471-2044 or

1098 Form

The official IRS Form 1098 will be provided to all non-exempt borrowers directly from Wells Fargo Central Service Agent.  These statements will be mailed to the borrowers in mid-January.  This form will be the official tax document for the borrower as opposed to the annual statement.  As required by law, information from these forms will be provided to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Annual Meeting of the General Membership

Notices and Voting Proxys are sent out annually to a designated person in ownership of your small business.  They are emailed to the address you provided at your SBA 504 Loan closing.  Please look for those each October and kindly return the Proxys per the instructions listed.  If you have unsubscribed from our emails, a Notice and Proxy will be sent to your designated physical mailing address.




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